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The mission of Life Education of Florida is to provide the most current information in our home study courses for the nursing profession.
In our fast paced world, many of us do not have time to attend a lecture or seminar, or take an on-line course. However, we do have the time to do a home study course at our own pace. We hope you gain a great deal of knowledge from our courses.
Life Education of Florida is an approved provider with the Florida Board of Nursing. Most states accepts courses approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. Check with your state to make sure that it accepts Florida provider courses.


Florida Laws and Rules of Nursing


Medical Errors 

Infection Prevention / OSHA

Domestic Violence

Herb / Food / Drug Interaction

Violence in the Workplace

Child Abuse & Neglect

Recognizing Elder Abuse



Course Descriptions 


Each course is $6 / credit hour



Florida Laws and Rules of Nursing 

2 hours

The Florida law and rules:

  • Describes the legislative purpose for the Florida Nurse Practice Act.
  • Includes specific laws and rules related to the practice of nursing and nursing assisting.
  • Identifies the pertinent levels of nursing practice and scope in Florida.
  • Outlines the general requirements for continuing licensure in the state.
  • States reasons for disciplinary actions.
  • Differentiates between legal and ethical practice.
  • Understand why it is necessary to have a professional plan for career maintenance and development within the limits of the law.




Initial - 3 hours

Update - 1 hour


The history and transmission of HIV, its structure, demographic/epidemiology, statistics, associated illnesses, therapies including the most current drugs in use and their cost. How the antiretroviral agents work. What to do if you become exposed and how HIV/AIDS affects social and economic conditions. Includes reporting & confidentiality requirements.


Florida Initial: $18.00  

Florida Update: $6.00  

Medical Errors - (Meets Florida requirements) 

2 hours


This course identifies medical errors and near errors. Relates the importance of patient safety to the reduction of hospital based medical errors. Discusses how to recognize error prone situations, error prevention and reduction strategies including root cause analysis. Distinguishes safety needs of special populations and encourages patient education toward error prevention.



Infection Prevention / OSHA - 3 hours


An employee's guide to understand how disease is spread and explains in detail how the employee should work with company management to ensure that the exposure control plan is adhered to.



Domestic Violence - 2 hour


Describes the history of domestic violence, how to recognize stalking and domestic violence, types of violence, who may be a victim and the types of batterers and their personalities, the cycles of violence, effects of domestic violence on children, the Stockholm Syndrome, battered women's syndrome, the role of the healthcare professional, how to recognize the clinical warning signs of abuse, what questions to ask when interviewing the victim and mandatory reporting requirements. Safety Plan, Danger Assessment, how to document an incident.




Herb, Food & Drug Interactions - 3 hours


Discusses what herbs interact with food and drugs and common uses of herbs. Describes the difference between over the counter medications and herbal remedies. Describes what herbal supplements include. Describes the effect that herbs can have on certain conditions and the side effects and drug interactions of certain foods, drugs and herbals. This course is not designed to be all inclusive of herb, drug, food actions and interactions but lists the most common.



Violence in the Workplace - 3 hours

Defining workplace violence, risk factors, recognizing the signs, diffusing the situation and post incident response.



How To Recognize Child Abuse & Neglect

2 hours


This course defines child abuse and neglect. Discusses the different

types of child abuse. List behaviors that constitute child abuse and

neglect. Describes how to recognize the warning signs of child abuse. Know and recognize short and long term consequences of child abuse and neglect, mandatory reporting and what can be done to prevent child abuse and neglect.




Recognizing Elder Abuse - 2 hours


This course defines the categories of elder abuse, the prevalence of

elder abuse. How to identify at risk elderly. Defines the difference

between abuse, neglect and other forms of elder mistreatment. How to recognize elder abuse, defining primary, secondary and tertiary

interventions, Identify resources for intervening in elder abuse / maltreatment. Reporting abuse/neglect/exploitation.





Check back frequently as we are adding more continuing education courses.




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